Official Diagon Whitepaper, last updated January 2022
A radical shift in the nature and function of technology has led to its revamped usability following the development of blockchain. The evolution of immutable cryptographic signatures has recorded an increasing amount of possibilities across various structures and systems. Inclusive within these categories is the development of games, activities that have transcended from mere objects of leisure to be a veritable lucrative platform, accessible by the differing factions of global communities.
Extending its inherent possibilities to the global landscape, blockchain technology has broken the chasm between work and play by plugging in real-time financial benefits other than sheer leisure. Dubbed a PlayToEarn platform, the trajectory of financial and economic opportunities has been extended to gaming. As such, following the rising statistics of gamers around the world, the introduction of a lucrative component amidst its function as it pertains to fun and relaxation will qualify as an innovative measure of deploying blockchain solutions to solving the hydra-headed challenges posed by the fluctuating global economy. According to Newzoo, there were about 2.69 billion gamers in the world at the end of 2020. This growth has been steady with an average of 5.6% year-on-year (YoY) increase. 2021 figures are forecasted to reach 2.81 billion gamers that will earn the global games market an estimated $189.3 billion. As an attendant consequence of being a gamer, the constant variables of fun and leisure have been attached to the ensuing financial merits of gaming supported by blockchain technology.
With the objective of reaching a large global mass audience, Diagon, a hyper-casual PlayToEarn platform, has leveraged Causal Games to eliminate emphasis on advanced gaming techniques and make an outspread to individuals of any age, uniting the enthusiasm to play with the financial urgency to earn. Surmounting the varying complexities of hardcore games made imminent by technical gaming mechanics and advanced controls, Diagon has evolved a leisure inclined platform to introduce a global audience to cryptocurrencies and thier numerous advantages as it relates to Games, Utility, and NFTs.

Our vision is to build a crypto-powered Casual Gaming, Utility, and NFT ecosystem that will have a beneficial and long-term impact on a global mass audience.
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