Diagon NFT Marketplace

Generally, Diagon NFT Marketplace looks to spur market demand for game designers and other forms of digital creators around the gaming industry. The aim is to have creators tokenize (or stamp unique identifications) on digital copies of their works or collectibles. Regardless of age, social status, or region, Diagon is willing to tokenize digital creations and set the displayed digital creatives up for global visibility, auctioning, and other opportunities. As a creator or collector, our aim remains to provide a platform that opens businesses up to opportunities across the globe.

Users will be able to freely upload all their works, set the prices independently, and sell to attracted buyers in the NFT Marketplace.

Away from the general structure of NFT Marketplaces in global parlance, a niche within our market setup will focus on the exchange of in-house Casual Gaming assets between and amongst gamers within the ecosystem. The exchange of these in-game assets will also be supported by gamers and the governing ecosystem.

True to the established functionality of our model, Diagon has been designed as a growth catalyst to ensure an ignition in both the financial and recreational needs of the Casual Gamer. Access to in-game assets as will be identified by uniquely generated serials will be made available by:

  • Unlocking these in-game assets by means of attaining new gaming levels in the identified game of choice;

  • Effecting a purchase of these in-game assets via our native DGN tokens;

  • Integrating a later function that supports the creation and recreation of unique assets capable of exchange within our NFT Marketplace.

Diagon NFT Marketplace proposes to be a sectionalized platform that supports both the exchange of regular digital collectibles and also, uniquely generated in-house Casual Gaming assets within our ecosystem. This broad-based structure envisions a sales section identified by names of specific Casual Games available within our ecosystem.

An instant case of a User persona experience within the ecosystem will feature a gamer either unlocking or purchasing an in-house Casual Game Asset available within our ecosystem. Thus, a purchase scenario among gamers envisions the following transaction record between a buyer and seller:


  • Governing Game Title: KnifeRain

  • Identified Sale Subject: DNFT-KR01

  • Transacting Status: Seller - (Identified by Username)

  • Ask Price: $10,000 worth of DGN tokens;


  • Governing game Title: KnifeRain

  • Identified Sale Subject: DNFT-KR01

  • Transacting Status: Buyer - (Identified by Username)

  • Bid Price: $15,000 worth of DGN tokens.

Once a Sale Subject as uniquely identified by the specific serials is sold, the same comes within the possession and ownership of the buying party once the record of the transaction is verified as successful.

Being a product-driven model, Diagon NFT Marketplace will increase the use cases of the native Diagon tokens within the 3 token-powered ecosystem. Beyond a gaming platform for solely recreational activities, work and play will be merged by the Diagon model which will provide an established structure for earning from Casual Gaming activities within her ecosystem. A means of guaranteeing the financial viability of our model will be via our NFT Marketplace as a product within our casual Play to Earn Platform.

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