Funding Allocation

Operational Expenses: 50%
A majority of funds will be passed on from the Issuer to an affiliate to develop the Diagon ecosystem, secure partnerships & realize the platform’s digital infrastructure.
User Acquisition: 25%
Funds will be used to acquire new users for the Diagon NFT & Gaming ecosystem for growth engagement and marketplace publicity.
Initial Liquidity & Market Making: 10%
Funds will be used to provide initial liquidity on DEX platforms that Diagon coin will be on and will also be used for market making of Diagon coin.
Corporate Structuring: 10%
Funds will be used to ensure that the entire Diagon platform fully maintains independent operations and has the strategic freedom to grow on its own terms.
Legal & Security: 5%
Funds will ensure Diagon ecosystem security and to ensure the legality of the platform’s operation in all relevant global markets.