Design Principle

In a bid to gamify the loyalty experience of Merchants choosing to explore our solution, our design principle is squarely founded on simplicity and accessibility. In this regard, no technical know-how will be required from potential Merchants who will be able to access customized games and events aligned with their brand and customer base. Diagon will offer a range of templates while allowing for unique rewards and customized gamification.
A core part of our design principle is that Merchants will have access to real=time analytics and feedback mechanisms to empower them guage the effectiveness of their loyalty initiatives. Additionally, Merchants will have options to enable social features, enhancing community and competition among customers. This way, a gamified experience will be offered in place of traditional loyalty programs and their numerous challenges extending to lack of customization, limited engagement, and difficulty in measuring effectiveness.
We believe that our emphasis on gamified loyalty experience will foster brand awareness, bringing additional benefit to both the Merchant and his Customer. The remodeling of our platform will feature:
  • Mobile and Desktop optimization achieved by deploying CASUAL on Android, iOS, and Desktop.
  • Creating an interactive, high-performance, disruption-free Casual Gaming experience rewarded in Points represented in Tokens and Badges represented in NFTs.
  • Providing instant payment and redemption of rewards in Points and Badges for purchases, referrals, and customized events.
  • A data collation instrument to analyze customer data, including purchase history, preferences, and consumer behavior.
  • utilize customer data and preference to send targeted and personalized communications through email, SMS.
  • Extending a player v player model as well as tournament functionalities for increased interactivity among Gamers.
  • Building a social community of global Casual Gamers, financially empowered by our reward structure as ably aided by a high-quality gaming environment.
  • Providing opportunities for social engagement as drivers of increased game adoption.
Diagon will also extend her range of activities to being a global Marketplace where users can conduct daily transactions. Among other human longings are the ease of day-to-day transactions and the need for a universal wallet, viable for all monetary purpose. Diagon is stepping in to cover market opportunities in the use of multiple payment options as a part of everyday life, transaction, and process.
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