Long-term Sustainability

Initial Strategy Period (ISP)
Sustained Innovation
  • Development and deployment of Hyper Casual Games within the Diagon Ecosystem
  • Establishment of a seamless Play to Earn Platform where gamers globally could play for leisure and accumulate virtual assets in the process
  • Creation of a larger Casual Gaming population around the world
  • Incorporation of a double player feature around Casual Gaming
  • Launching on other various platforms such as Android, iOS, and Desktop. Deployment of hardcore games within the ecosystem.
  • Diagon Utility
  • Diagon NFT Marketplace
Innovation Target Population
Age range - 18 years and below making for 21% of Gamers around the world
Age range 18 - 50 years and above - Making for 79% of Gamers around the world
Continuous Quality Improvement (Fidelity monitoring)
  • Innovation developer reviews and monitors the fidelity of service delivery. User-friendliness marked by a seamless Play and Pay structure must be guaranteed for continued user satisfaction.
  • Innovation developer hosts regular coaching meetings to address ensuing issues for increased efficiency
  • Supervisors of various gaming units and sections in the ecosystem will review and monitor fidelity of service delivery.
  • Supervisors will conduct coaching within their unit when necessary
Policies and Procedures
  • The policies and procedures of the ecosystem are based on the blockchain smart contract founded on the Binance Smartchain Network.
  • Gaming rule and procedure was developed by the innovation developer, in accordance with terms governing laws of user countries.
Routine meetings with the innovation developer will be held to review and refine these protocols as necessary
  • Axie Infinity
  • Coca-Cola
  • Stakeholders
  • Local University Ambassadors
  • City and Global brand ambassador
  • Stakeholders
  • Other service agencies that seeks interaction with the Diagon ecosystem