The Diagon Team

Having a strong management team as the fulcrum that drives the dream of any industry is a proven fundamental business strategy for the success of any establishment.

Our portfolio construct is primarily driven by our focus on the industry and the change we hope to inspire. For this reason, highly experienced and talented personnel in the industry have come together to make an impact on the Hyper Casual Gaming industry.


Founder & Product Developer

Jeremiah is a results-driven leader with 6+ yrs of experience in the tech and blockchain industry guiding and leading businesses to their full potential by leveraging his leadership skills to encourage growth in dynamic situations.



Co-founder & Partnerships Lead

Co-Founder & CEO LEAD WALLET, Co-Founder DESPACE PROTOCOL, Co-Founder & Former CEO for CASSAVA NETWORK. Francis Obasi is a blockchain founder building unique blockchain solutions for Africa and the global markets at large.



Co-Founder & Communications Lead

Gbemileke is a New Media Communications Specialist with experience working in the financial services sector in Nigeria. She has a keen interest in technology and how the latest trends in finance can be utilized to ensure access and inclusiveness for all.



Co-Founder & Design Lead

Ebuka is a versatile designer demonstrating his expertise across brand, product, and game design in the media, entertainment, and technology space in Nigeria. He is passionate about art, design, and the budding intersections they create with DeFi.


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