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CASUAL by Diagon

The Casual App features a collection of hyper-casual games deployed to meet the varying needs of Gamers around the world. It is a Play-to-Earn social gaming application that will be launched on iOS, Android, and the web with different hyper-casual games. Gamers can escape the hurdles of complex gaming mechanics while earning digital assets.

Supported by related data depicting a favorable audience within the Casual Gaming industry, Diagon is set to demonstrate the capacity of Casual Games to be an object of change. Relevant facts within the data include:

• 59% of Gamers download a game within a day of discovering it

• 63% of Casual Gamers play games to pass the time

• 33% of Casual Gamers play games because they are easy to understand

• 46% of internet users who are identified as casual gamers are aged between 23 and 36

With the favorable statistics of Casual games, we're positive that the Casual App will be an exponentially profitable venture in the coming years.

While Gamers play the Diagon games, they will be rewarded with our native tokens (DGN). Upon listing, the DGN tokens can be exchanged for fiat currencies and other tradable pairs with adequate liquidity. Earnings will reflect immediately on the digital wallet of gamers. Based on certain criteria, all rewards are withdrawable by the user; incentives/crypto earnings will also be swappable for vouchers and gift cards under certain terms and conditions.

Creating a united front of global Casual Gamers, casual gaming challenges will be organized occasionally. By this arrangement, Casual Gamers from around the globe will be expected to begin their play or subscribe to casual gaming challenges, during which the system takes record of the highest scorers and rewards. Opening a new phase of traction within the Casual Gaming industry, Diagon will lead the current trend to achieve a seamless play and pay structure.

As the ecosystem expands, Casual Gamers will witness more diverse and engaging additions, with the launching of more fun hyper-casual games. The creation of a leading eSports zone will be achieved by breaking barriers around gaming costs, network & platform proximity thereby guaranteeing a smooth gaming experience and fast-tracked transactions for exceptional user experience.

POINTS by Diagon

With Diagon Shop-and-Refill, we are proffering crypto transactions for mobile recharge, electricity/water bills, data and cable subscriptions, air tickets, and hotel bookings, as well as other regular and daily services. Users will be able to redeem gift cards and use vouchers for day-to-day bills. These Gifts cards could serve for hotel reservations, flight tickets, Apple, Amazon, and eBay purchases.

The goal of Diagon Shop-and-Refill tilts towards simplifying day-to-day financial activities, cutting through the barriers of local fiat, which is limited across geographical regions. universality and ease of daily financial transactions will therefore be achieved in this regard. A platform for utility payments will be provided by the ecosystem which will thrive on the Diagon token and similarly support other cryptocurrencies.

We've seen an opportunity to domesticate cryptocurrency at a global scale by engineering cashless and cardless transactions via digital assets across an estimated number of over 18,000 platforms choosing to accept crypto payments for their product and services.

The ease and reliability projected by our model will anchor on converting a vast majority of the estimated number of crypto holders (300 million people) around the world. Partnering with online stores to create crypto payment channels will be our business model in this phase of our product. Completion Tickets will also be awarded upon the completion of each transaction. As an incentive to Diagon Shop-and-Refill, the accumulation of these tickets will be exchangeable for tradable digital assets.

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